Lawn Sprinkler Timers and Controllers

Lawn sprinkler systems that come on automatically are controlled by irrigation control units or timers. Choosing the right sprinkler controller/timer will require some planning. Knowing the design layout and how many zones are needed to provide good coverage will prove helpful in determining which sprinkler controller/timer you will need for your sprinkler system.

There are two types of irrigation controllers to choose from. Mechanical irrigation timers operate with time and day wheel dials and pins to set the time on each sprinkler zone. Not being an automatic system, means you would have to manually set each zone to come on when you wanted it to be watered. The benefit to this irrigation system controller would come to those who have frequent power outages. Not being able to set up specific scheduling for your zones would be the down side of this type of irrigation controller.

Electronic irrigation controllers are programmable and most have a battery back up system. Once each zone is programmed, the controller will handle where the water goes, when, how often, and even how long each valve stays open. This type of irrigation controller will make sure your lawn stays watered even if you are out of town for a month or longer! If this is the case, sprinkler maintenance service by InnerFlow may save your landscape investment!

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